Leadership Development in Education worldwide 2010- 2015. And relevance for Ecuador 3.4

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This second report about leadership development in education depicts worldwide developments from about 2010 till end 2015.  Earlier developments are reported in the first report (Leadership Development in Education worldwide till 2010).

This overview starts with the role school leaders can play in achieving equity.  After that (as in the first report) this report starts with sketching the situation in the USA (with a main role for ISLLC and for the Wallace Foundation). 

Next is described the situation in the UK (focusing on the role of the National College for Teachers and Leaders - NCTL). For Europe are mentioned the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the European Policy Network on School Leadership (EPNoSL)). Other documents from Europe are from the organisations ESHA and ETUCE and from the countries Scotland, Spain and Sweden.

Developments in other regions like in Asia are relevant because of the differences in culture compared to global Western ideas. Hargreaves investigates the fit of Singapore with his ideas of the fourth wave. Developments in Australia and New Zealand focus on the work of Mulford and the New Zealand Leadership Plan.

Globally seen the McKinsey reports much have contributed to align discussions in the field.

The overview concludes with developments in Latin America and finally focuses on Ecuador This overview mainly mentions crucial reports and documents and presents short descriptions and quotes of the contents with or without comments on that content. 

Link for the report: Leadership-Development-in-Education-worldwide-2010--2015.-Relevance-for-Ecuador-3.4.doc

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