Education Management Information Systems
International activities

Worldwide: Development of a website on EMIS
The site EducationMIS was an initiatve from BMB Mott MacDonald and free man management consultants to foster the active exchange of EMIS knowledge and all kinds of EMIS solutions. The philosophy regarding EMIS Development being that solutions should be based on the local needs of schools, communities, districts and boards; should be developed by local small businesses and users; should be developed using Open Source software or software for regular users (Filemaker) or computer-literate users (Servoy). (The site is not any longer accessible)

Suriname: Design and development of the new Suriname Management Information System for the "Ministerie van Onderwijs en Volksontwikkeling" - Ministry of Education and Public Development (for VVOB)

Egypt: Teacher Training Information System
Part of the development for the 'Higher Commission for Training' of a Teacher Training Master Plan. The TTIS will be Internet-based. It will support the administrative procedures regarding the In-service Teacher Training at the major providers, 27 governorates and 242 idara's.

Bosnia-Herzegovina: EMIS
Investigation into the possibilities of designing and implementing an Education Management Information System. (for BMB)

Macedonia: EMIS
Strategy for the design and implementation of a nation-wide Education Management Information System (for ABU-Consult).

Tanzania: Education Sector Appraisal
Member of the Education Sector Appraisal Team (Subteam: Sector Monitoring) in Tanzania. The 50-member Team made an overall evaluation of the Education Programme and Policies of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education.(for: Royal Netherlands Embassy, Dar es Salaam).

Tanzania: EMIS
Consultancy for the Tanzanian Ministries of Education and the major educational support organisations (co-operating in the SMG/ESCC) on an integrated EMIS (Education Management Information System) as part of a new overall management mechanism to strengthen the Education and Training Sector Development.(for: Edburgh consultants).

Development of a Personnel Information System Higher Education
The system is developed for a University of Professional Education. It supports the management and the individual staff in defining the annual contracts.

Development of a Personnel Information System Secondary Education
The system is developed for one of the largest secondary schools in The Netherlands. It supports the management in keeping control on the availability and the tasks of personnel in each of the sectors of the school.

Development of information systems for Interstudie (University of Professional Education Arnhem Nijmegen)
Client Relationship Management, Project Management Information System.