Global reports on education: Results-based management versus professionalism

It is a busy season with many global reports on education. Reports from World Bank, UNESCO, OECD, the Education Commission.
These kind of global reports define the backdrop for our reasoning about education and educational management in the next year(s). The reports build extensively on results of research in the field, presenting the interpretation of that research by these organisations.

In this blog I will reflect on two of the reports *1:
• Learning to realize educations's promise (World Bank, 2017) 240 pages;
• Accountability in education (UNESCO, 2017) 505 pages
My main conclusion will be that these are excellent reports but both in a positive and a negative sense.

Learning to realize educations's promise *2.
This 2018 World Development Report is (the first time for the series) completely dedicated to education.
The report covers global education as a whole, emphasising its learning crisis.

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