EXPERIENCE (Main projects)


Bosnia-Herzegovina, Chile, China, Ecuador, Egypt, Flanders, Indonesia, Malawi, Mozambique, Russian Federation, South Africa, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, South-Sudan, Suriname, Tanzania, Uganda, USA, Viet Nam, Zambia



2019, Chile. Draft report 'Induction and mentoring for novice principals in Chile'
as a follow up to the report on Induction and mentoring of novice principals in the USA and 4 EU countries: Flanders - Belgium, Netherlands, UK (England, Scotland) and Finland.
Commissioned by the Technical Assistance for the SA-EU Dialogue Facility (Pretoria, South Africa).
Part of the Framework for Induction of School Principals Project. 
Participation in a Round Table organised by the Ministry of Basic Education South Africa.
(Please note that the reports mentioned are not yet finished products. The information in the reports will be included in a broader final report).


2015, Chile. Two-week studytrip: Educational Management and Equity.
Conversations were held (amongst others) with schools, Ministerio de Educación, CPEIP, ACE, CIAE, CPCE and CEPAL


2014 - 2015, Ecuador. Joining VVOB  in supporting the 'Ministerio de Educación' in designing training for educational managers as part of the 'Programa de Fortalecimiento de la Educación y Formación Técnica Profesional' (EFTP - 2014-2016). 


Image: Cooking class, Quito 

2014 - CURRENT

Focus on Latin-America

2007 - 2012

Focus on Viet Nam



2008 - 2012, Project manager
Development and implementation of a new Masters in Educational Management at the University of Education, Viet Nam National University Hanoi and 4 other universities and organisations.


2007, Support to the the strategic planning of the National Institute of Educational Management (NIEM).

Image: School children, square in front of St. Joseph Cathedral Hanoi

2000 - 2009


Focus on Sub-Saharan Africa



2003 - 2009, Initiative and support to LEAD-link (Leadership in Education for African Development). 
A network of organisations, leading in their country in the field of Educational Management Development. Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, South-Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia.


2000 - 2004, Tanzania. Support to the Agency for the Development of Educational Management.



Image: Meeting LEAD-link Arusha, Tanzania

1980 - 2004

The Netherlands

with a focus on the USA


1997 - Current, Netherlands. Partner
free man management consultants​

1986 - 2004, USA. Member Advisory Board,International Network of Principals' Centers (INPC) at Harvard Graduate School of Education

1982 - 1998, Netherlands. Senior consultant,Interstudie, Centre for Educational Management,University of Applied Science, Arnhem

1981 - 1982, Netherlands. Assistant Professor,
Department of Educational Organization, Twente University

Image: Harvard Graduate School of Education, INPC

free man management consultants

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