Leadership Development in Education worldwide till 2010 1.5

30 July, 2016

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This report is the first part of a global study on Leadership Development in Education. It covers the developments till 2010. 
This report is mainly written to support colleagues in Sub-Saharan Africa.

A second report covers the period 2010 -2015. That report is written to support colleagues in Latin-America, especially colleagues in Ecuador. Part of the citations in that report are in Spanish (as in the introduction of this report).
1. Trends in education in relation to school leadership 
2. Overview of developments in educational leadership 
2.1 Mapping the field 
2.2 Successful leadership 
2.3 Schools successful for whom? 
2.4 Leading with a vision 
2.5 Distributed leadership 
2.6 Instructional Leadership 
2.7 Leadership by whom? Cognitive and emotional characteristics of successful leaders 
2.8 Six reasons to be cautious in using results of research on topics ‘en vogue’ in educational leadership 
3 Overview of regional characteristics of educational leadership development activities 
3.1 The situation in the USA 
3.2 The situation in the UK 3.3 The situation in other countries (apart from Latin America)

Link for the report: Leadership-Development-in-Education-worldwide-till-2010-1.5.doc

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