Strategic advice for EMDO's in Sub-Saharan Africa (and Vietnam) (2009, 2012)

04 August, 2016

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This blog introduces thinking about changing characteristics of Educational Management Development Organizations. EMDO's being organizations that have a leading role in fostering support to schoolleaders (training, consultancy, research etc.).

Changes in EMDO's occur over time, sometimes during lengthy periods. Changes partly occur as reactions on changes in the context of EMDO's and partly because of growing professionalism in these organizations.

The text is written for organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa, but
is also used for consultancy to organizations and universities in Vietnam.

Central in the text is a description of 8 phases.
The SSA organizations are enumerated in an Annex.
Link for the text: Developments-regarding-EMDOs-2.0.doc
A longer text is also available.

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