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The site presents an overview of the major activities of fmmc:

  • Institutional Strengthening (is)
  • Programme Planning & Evaluation (ppe)
  • Educational Management Development (emd)
  • Education Management Information Systems (emis)
  • The use of ICT in Education (ict-e)

Latest news:

  • In August 2016 Jan Arend Brands restarted the fmmc blog (see the last menu item). The first blog (early 2014) on the "National Policy and Strategy on ICT and Education Suriname" was visited more than 20,000 times.
    For the new start the blog now includes documents about: 
    • Strategic advice for EMDO's in Sub-Saharan Africa (and Vietnam) (2009, 2012) 
    • Reflections on Pacific EMIS development and use in 2011
    • Comments on 'Marco para la buena dirección y el liderazgo escolar' Chile 2016
    • Leadership Development in Education worldwide (till 2010 and 2010 - 2015)

  • In October 2015 Jan Arend Brands conducted a two-week studytrip in Chile: Educational Management and Equity. Conversations were held (amongst others) with schools, Ministerio de Educación, CPEIP, ACE, CIAE, CPCE and CEPAL.
  • In October 2015 Jan Arend Brands again joined VVOB Ecuador in supporting the 'Ministerio de Educación' (see below)
  • Ria van Hoewijk supports the program manager of a Dutch organisation for Child Rights (December 2014)
  • Jan Arend Brands joined in November 2014 VVOB Ecuador (See in supporting the 'Ministerio de Educación' in designing training for educational managers as part of the 'Programa de Fortalecimiento de la Educación y Formación Técnica Profesional' (EFTP - 2014-2016). 
  • The IICD consortium presented on 13-02-2014 its final report on ICT and Education to Minister Adhin (MOECD Suriname). See 2ndBEIP-Nationaal-Strategisch-Beleidsplan-voor-ICT-in--het-onderwijs-2014.pdf
  • Ria van Hoewijk works with The Coalition Factory on an assignment for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The IICD consortium organised with BEIP on 11-07-2013 a Kick-off workshop for 40 participants in Paramaribo
  • Jan Arend Brands did support the Akademi Manajemen Informatika dan Komputer (AMIK) in Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia for 10 days starting 18-06-2013
  • Ria van Hoewijk became member of the Board of Partin (, the Dutch Branche Organisation for Citizen Initiatives in Development Cooperation (Spring 2013)
  • fmmc together with IICD, Edukans and Projekta was chosen by BEIP, Suriname for final negotiations (05-04-2013)
  • fmmc was shortlisted for: 'Development of  National Policy and Strategy on ICT in Education' Suriname MINOV-BEIP (15-02-2013)
  • Ria van Hoewijk supported the University for Business and Technology In Kosovo on the establishment of a Centre for Hospitality and Tourism Studies (15-02-2013)
  • The ELMAVI project Vietnam held its Closing Ceremony in Halong Bay (23-06-2012)



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